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Art Director & Puppeteer

*WINNER for 'Best Music Video' AND 'Best Visual' in the 2014 Limelight Film Awards*

Director: Tom Walsh

Production Designer: Amy Nicholson

Production: ‘Hands Up If You’re Lost’ - We Show Up On Radar

Company: Polymath Pictures


A collaboration to come up with a set design for ‘Hands Up If You’re Lost’ a music video for a local Nottingham based band We Show Up On Radar. Working alongside Director Tom Walsh and Production Designer Amy Nicholson of Polymath Pictures and three other students from the Theatre Design course. The concept was four puppets that appear out of a forest setting and begin to play their instruments, which are growing out of their surroundings.


I worked closely with the puppet designer/makers to make sure that the puppets fit within the overall scale and asthetic of the set.

Behind The Scenes

'Hands Up If You're Lost' We Show Up On Radar


Photographs by Charlotte Ball, David Buckell and Tom Walsh

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