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Production Designer

Director: Carolina Giametta

Production Designer: Charlotte Ball

Production: 'Civil War Films'

Company: Spool Films

Short Films

'Civil War Films’ is a set of 28 short documentaries as part of the opening of the new Civil War Museum in Newark. The aim of the project is to engage the public by showing them a series of different lifestyles most of which are based on a true story. Inside the museum on large curved cinema screens displays six high quality 2 minute scripts and throughout Newark 22 of the documentaries are displayed in a ‘Town Trail’ through a free mobile/device app. This allows the viewers to walk through Newark visiting historical locations from the Civil War which allows them to engage with life in the 17th Century. 


The films are triggered with a photograph on an information plaque, when the viewer holds up their phone or tablet the image will transform from modern day to the 17th Century.




Photographs by Charlotte Ball & Stuart Wilde

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